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The Leap Motion competition results
The winner of Leap Motion Controller is:

vrgamerdude, USA

After a long debate, we have chosen the best answer to the competition question:
"VR will bring the ability for people from all corners of the world to truly connect in a very real way. No longer will we be faceless users communicating on a screen, but for the first time we will truly be able to see and communicate with each other in a way that transcends distances and cultural differences. This may be the first steps towards humans feeling as if we are all one unified people. this will also transform the way business is done and will help to shape our future!"

The most active participants that are winners of Dark Shader Cardboard Kit are:
  • Jason, Canada
  • Kimberly, Philippines
  • Melanie, Germany
  • Thanh, USA
  • Chris, USA
We had a hard time choosing the winning entry. We received hundreds of great answers and it was not easy to pick the best one. Thank you for participation and your great answers! We will contact the winners via e-mail.